Frequently Asked Questions

We have hosted websites since 1997, normally under the domain of Dundee Internet Services. In 2001, we registered a four-letter domain ‘’ intending to use it for another project. As a web site host, we have worked with many different people from a variety of industries. Hosting for some strange, (very strange), small businesses, individuals, big corporations, and non-profit organizations. Some people told us they were lucky to find us, wish they knew we were around before they signed contracts with other hosting firms, consider it magic how fast everything appeared and so on – so being the majority of us are Irish, lucky to work at such a great company and love the magic of the Internet (plus the four letter domain we owned) Digital Web Leprechauns™ fit us perfectly.
Initial setup of your Linux or Windows hosting can take up to 24 hours. Installing WordPress may extend that. If its urgent, set up is a lot less time provided we have all the information from you to make that happen.(i.e. Plan, Credit Card, Name, Organization, Address, Email, Phone and Fax (if applicable)
Web Design, E-commerce solutions, and Search Engine Optimization. You can see everything we offer on our services page.
Never! Your website belongs to you and we don’t insert advertising or links of any kind into our customers websites!
Our resellers program is currently being implemented and should be completed soon. We will post an announcement on our blog when it is ready for new resellers to begin signups. You can also visit our resellers page directly for more information.
Dundee Internet Services is located in Dundee, Michigan USA.
The person who registers the site has 100% ownership of that domain. We only host the site on our servers.
A domain is the name of the website or URL, and is sometimes called the host name. ‘’ is our domain and website.

A subdomain is a second website, with its own unique content, but there is no new domain name. http:// is an example of a subdomain.

Check out our hosting plans. Sub-domains are included in each plan and more may be added.
Unlimited is a relative term. Every hosting company that offers unlimited bandwidth always has “conditions” in their terms of service. Check for the caveat that the “unlimited bandwidth” is subject to availability or “unlimited” unless you “exceed allowed levels.”

Each of our plans has clearly stated bandwidth levels, so there’s never a surprise. If necessary, you can always get more!
Yes you can host multiple domains in one hosting account.
Yes. Static IP addresses are available.