5 Factors to consider when choosing the right domain name extension

Domain names always have an extension. This is referred to as a Top-Level Domain or TLD.

The top 5 most commonly used TLD Extensions are:

Website Domain Registration Services1. .com
2. .net
3. .org
4. .co
5. .us

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Whether you’re starting a new site or rebranding an existing one the first step is to find the right domain. The domain is your websites’ recognition on the internet; it should simply explain who you are and what you do, and it should stand out against your online competitors.

Since your domain name is the first interaction the user will have with your site it is important to find a name that instills confidence and trustworthiness to your budding business. First impressions are extremely important so how do you find the right TLD to fit your goals?

Five Factors to consider when selecting your domain names extension:

1. Choose an extension that fits your website’s main function:

Research the common uses for each domain extension to find the right one to match your website’s main goals. If you are planning on an e-commerce website than a commercial extension such as .com is a good fit. If you are rebranding a fortune 500 company the .co extension may be the obvious choice. While you are not locked into a certain extension, it is important to consider the recognition users have for frequently used extensions.

earth2. Select a geo-specific extension to increase your local SEO rankings:

If your website services a specific location it is advisable to consider a geo-specific extension to help search engines move your domain to the top of the pile for users searching for local businesses. As an example, using a .uk will cater closer to the United Kingdom and its surrounding areas unlike a .us which will target closer to the North American areas. Picking the right geo-specific extension will help optimize your websites search results

3. Pricing:

Not all domain extensions are priced the same, as with all products the more a domain extension is in demand the more it will cost. Uncommonly used domain such as .family will cost significantly less than a .inc domain most commonly used for incorporated businesses.

4. Older vs. Newer Domain extensions:

Older extensions such as .com, .net, and .org are the earliest to appear and have higher recognition and credibility. The newer domains extensions were released with the ICANN’s TLD update in 2013 and include domains like ( .health, .tv, .agency) which serves a more specific website but, does not quite hold the credibility of the established extensions.

5. Don’t limit yourself to just one:

When purchasing your domain you don’t have to limit your final selection to just one. You can purchase multiple extensions and setup either as a forward or design multiple versions of your site using a geo-specific TLD. Mix and match the extensions that will offer you the best shot at reaching your target audience.


There are hundreds of extensions available to you, the right decision can be a complicated personal choice, once you have narrowed your domain choices down let DWLI help you find out if it is available.

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