After Two Years on the Internet Are You Still Happy With Your Website?

A man shruggingAfter two years and longer on the Internet are you still happy with your website – totally comfortable with it? Does it continue to attract new visitors on a level that brings in new sales-or is your website stale, with the original colors, fonts, images and content

You may not realize it but website updates are more important than building it in the first place. A website should be:


Your business isn’t static its fluid, changing all the time.  During the course of business, you may have changed hours, personal, inventory, and, in today’s uncertain future, your mission statement.  Your web site should reflect those business changes as they happen.

Fresh as A Daisy A cartoon daisy

Review your:

Images.  Are they old, have your products changed, do you have a new camera that will add quality to those online photos?

Image text.  Are the descriptions still correct, has the product changed?  What about the keywords, are they still relevant.

Blog.  When was the last blog you published?  

Content.  Should parts of the website be, rewritten, moved to another page, removed?

Links.  Are there broken URLs, do all the forms work?  Autoresponders and triggered messages.

Schedule. Just like cleaning an oven, you don’t have to update your website every day.  Create a schedule:


Check things over periodically

Test the functionality of the links and forms

Publish a new blog every week or so

Review navigation and verify things easy to find. Read the entire website content

Maintain a fresh and up to date website, not only for your search engine ranking but for your business’s ongoing reputation as well.

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