Are you prepared for WordPress 2020?

WordPress has undergone substantial changes in 2019 which included the introduction of WordPress 5.0 and the addition of the Gutenberg block editor to the WordPress core.

Can we expect more of the same or more dramatic changes in 2020?

Here we will discuss the trends we expect to see websites follow into the new year. Keep reading to see how your website can stay ahead of the pack.


Bring your content to life with animation on your website. This is an attractive way to draw attention to images or content you want to make sure your consumers don’t miss.

Push Notifications

Push notifications have been trending throughout 2019 and we expect to see them continue to be a great asset to 2020. Push notifications are similar to that of mobile and SMS notifications. They often appear as a popup asking the consumer if they would like to receive push notifications when new content is added to the site. If they agree, when you publish new content the users will receive a direct message to their desktop telling them new content is available. Not only providing convenience but also making visitors, repeat users with a click of a button.


AI and Chatbots

As with all other aspects of industry AI has found its way onto the world wide web. In 2020 we expect an increase in automation and integration with chatbot features. Chatbots can be manned by individuals allowing representatives and clients to communicate in a text like fashion. We expect to see more automated chatbots in 2020 where communication is interpreted by the CRM and responses are from a predetermined set of replies. Essentially allowing users to converse solely with the website itself! The interaction can then be stored within the CRM system allowing targeted marketing.

Parallax Scrolling

Websites are constantly looking for an eye-catching way to draw people’s attention. In the past BIG BOLD text or bright colors have been used but in 2020 we expect this to trend into more interactive and visual. Enter parallax scrolling a technique used in web design where background images move slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth on a two-dimensional site. When paired with woo-commerce products parallax scrolling allows for an immersive experience. Improving customer engagement and ultimately leading to an increase in satisfaction and sales.

Builder Themes

WordPress itself is trending toward a more simplistic block style editor. We expect themes to follow suit with more drop and drag builder themes. Page builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor bring the functionality of a drop and drag to a standard WordPress theme. In 2020 there will be more WordPress themes with built-in drop and drag features. What makes these themes so popular is the simplicity that a non-technical user can develop a site without any knowledge of web development or coding.

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