Customize your website using pop-ups.

Welcome back to our blog about how to customize your Elementor template. Today we are talking about pop-ups.  At Digital Web Leprechauns, we know business owners require a website that tailors specifically to their business. However, it is time consuming and expensive to find the right designer. AND one that fits into your budget:  Instead, consider DWLI DIY.   

Do it yourself templates are a great way to get started with a website.  Pop-ups are a part of that journey.

Most websites now greet visitors with a brightly colored pop-up that offers a sale or invites the visitor to join a mailing list. They are a useful way to drive leads and sales on your website. Below I will discuss the 3 types of pop-ups you should be familiar with when designing your website.  

 1. Sales Promotion Pop-up

sales popup

Usually located on the home page or shop page this pop-up is eye-catching and offers a discount for your brand. Unsurprising when customers are offered a limited time deal, they are more likely to purchase from your website increasing your sales and ROI. When creating a sale pop-up adding a countdown timer to the end of your sale can increase your conversion by as much as 112%

2. Newsletter Pop-up

newsletter popup

These pop-ups are often less eye-catching and more professional-looking. They contain a form that requests a user to join a mailing list to receive marketing emails. Elementor stores these entries so you may transfer your email list to an email marketing platform of your choice (may we suggest mailinglistservices.com). These are a great way to convert one-time customers to return customers by reaching their inbox and providing them with up-to-date content.

3. Exit Intent Pop-up

exit intent popup

An exit-intent popup is often used by online shops and websites to retain visitors that are going to leave the site. With an exit intent pop-up, a visitor’s mouse movements are tracked. When the mouse exits the predetermined boundary on the page the exit-intent popup displays asking the user to consider staying often by offering a deal.

While each of these pop-ups serves an important purpose, it is not recommended to use multiple types of pop-ups simultaneously. This can cause your visitors to become frustrated if they must close multiple pop-ups before navigating your website. Also, multiple pop-ups can slow your website load speed affecting your search results.  Pop-ups can be an effective marketing tool, but they must be used with well thought out intent otherwise they can negatively affect your website success.

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