Customize your WordPress Template Using Social Media Blocks

Welcome back to our monthly blog about how to customize your Elementor template. Here at Digital Web Leprechauns, we know as a business owner, you require a website that tailors specifically to your business; however, it can be time consuming and expensive to find the right designer that fits into your budget.   Instead, consider DWLI DYI. 

Our DYI plan is designed to save you money and time.

With our DYI plan, create a website that is both functional and professional with the cost and time saving that a do-it-yourself website affords. Our DIY website templates are highly functional, responsive, and beautifully designed with click and drop block builder ELEMENTOR.  Just select a website template from one of the template categories, which include e-commerce, non-profit, health and fitness, restaurants, pet care and more.

Our Plan include the website template, setup, domain registration and one month of hosting for only $100!

Once purchased your website template is ready to update. Add images, colors, text, pages, and menus, watch your template transform into a professional, functional, customized website.

We know that it can feel overwhelming not knowing where to start your project:  below we have included a step-by-step guide on how to edit the three most commonly used blocks (images, text and buttons).

Create a Facebook App ID

Before you can use any Facebook related block in Elementor you must first create a Facebook developer account. You can find clear steps on how to setup a Facebook developer account here.

Once you are a registered developer you must create a Facebook App to generate a Facebook API and access token using these easy to follow steps. This is necessary to connect your Elementor blocks to your specific Facebook page.

Now that you have a Facebook App ID you can add the code under the Elementor Settings, Integrations tab.

Facebook App ID Settings

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like button

You may add a Facebook “Like” button to your Facebook Page.  These are useful to add to your website’s blogs as well as the home and contact pages. Once a visitor clicks the like button they will also automatically follow your page as well. This will allow any new posts on your Facebook page to show on the customers Facebook Feed, keeping your company front and center in their mind.

Facebook Comment Box

elementor facebook comment box

Allow your users to leave comments on your website using their social media account.

Facebook Embed

Running a Deal on your Facebook Page? Sharing a link you’d also like embedded into your website? Elementor has an easy to use option, the Facebook Embed. You may use this block to embed a post or a video as shown below, just simply insert the url to the post or video you’d like to use and Elementor will do the rest.

Facebook Embed Post

Advanced Settings For Elementor Facebook Feed Block

Facebook Embed Video

Embed Video Elementor Block

Facebook Page Feed

As a busy business owner you most likely only update your websites information once or twice a year, focusing on your new products or hours of operations. A website with current updates are far more likely to show up in a Google Search ranking, as the search engine sees your website as a more up-to-date version. Most businesses can take a few moments a day to post their latest and greatest to their Facebook page, Elementor has a great way to automatically add your latest Facebook posts to your website tricking the search engine into thinking your webpage has been updated, killing two birds with one stone, what and can be a great timesaver. Just add your Facebook page url to set and forget.

elementor facebook feed

We work hard to add website templates that cover a wide range of business types. If you need a specific template category not currently available don’t worry, check back as we add new website templates regularly. Or contact us directly.

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