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On the Internet, having a GREAT website is the goal of every business.   Easy to use tools that are included with some hosting companies may seem to give a great presentation when you create your site, but it’s all for naught if no one is looking

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Some of the reasons your website may be failing:

Number one, the time it takes to load your website.   It seems everyone wants things done in a New York minute.  If it takes more than a few seconds for your website page to load, more than likely your prospect has moved on to the next search engine pick.

Every picture tells a story.  Telling many stories in pictures may not be a good thing.  Limit the number of images on your website, don’t send visual mix messages.

Do you advertise other businesses on your website?  More than one business?  Are those links taking potential customers away from your web business?   Just for the record, it is recommended that a website redesign or revamp be done every 3-4 years

A great website is up to date.  Is it following today’s trend or are you using the same old design and content? 

And then there are these small errors which can cost you in the long run:

Your home page is crammed with everything you can think of including videos, images, offers, banner ads, mailing list sign up offer, bad colors, and unreadable fonts.

No one really understands what you do.   I know I’m not alone it this, sometimes a website is so technical or so ambiguous you have no idea what the site is really about.

The navigation is awful.  The prospect can’t find the order page or the contact page.  There’s not enough information about the company, there’s no clear content to give the website credibility.

The website doesn’t include a call to action.  All the information for your services is there, but there’s nothing to entice your prospect to click on the buy now.

Your website isn’t optimized for mobile and pad users.

The images are blurry, not optimized.

The website looks dull, the colors are wrong the information isn’t clear. Other indications this isn’t a great website, would be a high bounce rate, low average visitor time on your website, takes forever to load and old content.

Websites created with built-in tools marries you to the web company. Want to change hosting companies, the saying “you can’t take (the site) it with you”, really applies as tools supplied by a Webhosting company creates sites that are proprietary to their company.

And then there’s SEO. 

This is the Internet, things go by quickly, and only hold attention until the next fad comes along.  Using built web design tools may not be doing you a service.  As an experienced web design company, DWLI will create a site that loads faster, encourages more mobile traffic, improve your SEO and keep people coming back for more.  Give us a call and get a GREAT website for your business


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