Easy way to schedule your WordPress content

Did you know as a WordPress user you can schedule when your page or post will publish to your website?

This handy feature allows you to plan for the best time your content should be published. Using this feature you can:

  • Save time
  • Post at the most optimal times (when your website normally has the best traffic)
  • Enhance your website plan: (i.e. strategy)
  • Be consistent (prewrite blogs that post every Monday for example)

Scheduling your content to publish is easy but know the difference between a Post and a Page:

WordPress posts

  • wordpress postAre dynamic, they change, grow, and are categorized. e. a Blog 
  • The make up the content of your RSS feed from your latest blog
  • Posts can be categorized, tagged and archived.
  • Can be displayed in different ways on the website, i.e. reversed chronological order

WordPress pages

  • wordpress page 2Normally contains static content (content that remains constant) i.e. About Us
    Not dated or put in a category
  • No tags are needed
  • Can be in a certain order or hierarchy, to create groups of pages under one heading
  • Is not part of an RSS feed
  • The Posting Date and time not included.

To Add a page or post to your WordPress website Log into the site as an admin, select Add New from the menu bar on the left under PAGES or POSTS.

When you’re finished with your post or page you can save it as a draft, then review it for errors.  Once satisfied, select publish and your page or post is now live.  There is an option to publish IMMEDIATELY or enter a date and time for your post or page to be published in the future.

WordPress also has a powerful events scheduler plugin which includes a calendar and a tool to schedule events with optional online bookings. Briefly, if there are events stored in the database, WordPress will automatically search for those scheduled events when you visit the website.  If there are events scheduled, they will be triggered.

Need assistance with your scheduling?  All our customers can contact us  at any time for assistance. Its part of our website WordPress design guarantee.

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