What is better for my new business, a website builder program like WIX or hire an Elementor web developer for a WordPress site?

Small businesses are sprouting up everywhere including the one you just opened. You need a website and you want one designed with WordPress! You may consider other options such as a DIY website builder offered by companies like WIX and Squarespace, but research has you leaning toward an Elementor web developer to build the WordPress site of your dreams.

A low or no entry cost, with a quick and easy start; a DYI website out of the box mentality, like WIX. It’s not really out of a box, however what you can do is design a website with drop and drag, place your images in provided areas, select the colors offered, use the fonts included, which is all controlled by the website builder program.

As mentioned with WIX you can use the web builder for free and host your website for free. For a free account your URL would be something like this: https://wixsite.com/dwli.net.

Squarespace, also a website builder program does not offer a free plan like WIX. Both providers offer WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) templates. They offer a lot of templates! And if you think about it, someone is probably using the same template that you selected.

With WIX you can change some things, like some colors, text, and maybe image size. Squarespace allows customization, but you have to have purchased the right version of Squarespace to get this feature. And with both providers, (even with the customizable version of Squarespace), you can’t try another template, as you are committed to the one you selected. To try a different template you must start a new design.

You can add character to your website by buying additional code. In the case of WIX, they have the Wix App Market (there’s a low monthly cost to use these programs).

The content you create in both programs belongs to you. How your content is used by your provider is up to them by contract. You never know, you may see an image of your dog, the one you used on your Squarespace website, scrolling through Facebook in a Squarespace ad. What else did they use?

And yes, you can actually migrate from both providers to a WordPress site. At some point in your relationship you will realize there are limitations with builder sites. Migrations are a bit of pain, as some of it has to be in steps, some cut-and-paste and some things will not transfer- when you get to that point we are here to help.

But why go through all this when you can start with an Elementor web developer to build the website of your dreams. The biggest difference between these solutions: WordPress is a content management system (CMS), which is more scalable in all cases, and requires a bit more hands-on than a finished website made with a builder program.


The advantage of hiring an Elementor web developer, you get a website that is:

1. Customizable Has tried and true E-Commerce options

3. You can change themes on a whim, unlike being married to the template you selected in your builder program.

seo structure4. SEO is better with WordPress

5. Hundreds of Plugins that  allow you to add anything your desire, (there may be exceptions to this 😊)

6. You can always take your WordPress website and leave. It will be complete, there will be no missing items, broken links, or forms.

Bottom line, do research, it’s your business, your website, your livelihood. Find the solution that you can work with. If you want to try your hand at design in a WordPress friendly environment order one of our DYI templates for WordPress , we are always here to help if you need it.

Need an Elementor web developer, we have that too.

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