GREAT Websites aren’t an accident.

How many times have you upgraded your website or changed it? 

Need to change content, but your web designer is nowhere to be found?

Try to create a new Great website yourself but didn’t have a clue where to begin?

Decided to use a template with your hosting company and later found out your Great website only works on one platform because it is a propriety template?

Gave up and settled on Facebook marketing as your only online business avenue?

All you want is a GREAT website, easy to maintain and listed in search engines

GREAT websites don’t happen by accident.

A GREAT website is built with imagination, creativity and good content on a dynamic platform.

A GREAT website should:

Always be mobile-friendly – any change of plugin added (WordPress users) deserves another look on your mobile device. Always preview your website on your phone or check it out on other devices.

Make all your visitors feel confident that your site is secure. This is normally indicated by HTTPS instead of HTTP at the beginning of the web address. Browsers will typically notify visitors if there is a security issue and can hide your site’s content from view This issue can be corrected by installing an SSL certificate..

Websites must load quickly, be error-free and search engine indexable. Search engines catalog websites with the help of a spider; a program that crawls (goes through) website pages to index them. A GREAT website will give directions to the spider, tell it what it can and cannot index. In addition, there are SEO tools to assist with this and other search engine tweaks. AND you can add tags to your HTML pages that will help the search engine interpret the content on your website.

Have content that appeals to your intended audience. If you are to succeed, this is essential. Figure out how someone could end up on your website to buy your products or use your service. Compose sales content that appeals to your visitor. For example, suppose you are a broom salesperson and your competition is floor sweepers and other places that sell brooms. Most shoppers are just looking for a way to sweep the kitchen floor. Floor sweepers can be very expensive, so your content may include a reference to cost. You might say something like this, “with my broom you can sweep everything, untangle dust bunnies from behind the refrigeration, essentially become a sweeping Queen.” You may point out that your brooms are easy to use, height-adjustable, splinter-free, and come in assorted colors that blend in with any decor.

And with any website content, use familiar words like broom. Try to keep industry vernacular and acronyms to a minimum. Be clear in what you are offering and what problems you solve when someone orders your product or service.

And finally, make navigation a breeze. Information should be easy to find in a menu that makes sense.

At the end of the day, there is so much more that goes into a Great Website. The key is having a goal, planning and knowing your audience. Change your website into a GREAT Website designed by someone who understands small businesses, like Digital Web Leprechauns.

A GREAT Website doesn’ happen by accident, it’s made on purpose.

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