Is a Domain Name and Website the same thing?

A Domain Name and a Website are two different things

To have a website you need a domain name.

Simply put, a domain name, the name of a website like dundee.net, is registered (not unlike a car registration) or licensed for use by an individual, business or organization. There is a yearly renewal fee to continue “ownership”. The licensing fee is paid to a registrar.

For example, if you register your domain name with GoDaddy, your domain name will be registered through their partner ICANN, (as of this writing)

AND web designers typically partner with a hosting company who, as stated above, registers your new domain through their partnered company,

Domain name registrars are changed frequently, allowing the owner to move domain registrars when desired. AND you can change the domain name registration agency without moving your website host.

Hosting companies would like to be both your domain registrar and website host. However, like the domain name, you can move from your current web hosting company anytime, with your domain name registration or without it, leaving the registration where it is.

When you move both to DWLI, we add two free years to your registration.

Website hosting companies, such as DWLI, house, serve and maintain the files for your website. You can look at it as renting an apartment or shopping space. The renter typically pays a monthly fee for use of the space for maintenance, security, and storage.

DWLI also register domain names and will help you move your registrar to us. We also offer website design and web site hosting on our private network.

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