Many website designers, but you just need one.

There are many website designers and hosting companies on the internet. Some designers specialize in an industry, product or service, some do not. For example, you can hire a real estate only website design company, or one who specifically works with people who sell costume jewelry. You can find a web designer who works only with large industries, and another that only designs for small towns or villages. Does that make them the right design company for your project, company or nonprofit?

The web design industry suggests the web designer should pick a subject to “specialize in”, and design for that arena only. That works for sales, when someone is looking for a designer who for example is an expert designing a website for golf courses: however this may limit the designers experience to a selected market. Ideally a web designer should have a background based on diversity and creativity: not a designer producing a cookie cutter like appearance for each site designed.

Regardless of what the design subject is, the goal in all cases is to transform potential customers into active buyers, volunteers or subscribers. All starting with an engaging professional web-design and communication between the designer and client.

A good designer is flexible, attentive and works directly with you to achieve the goal of your web presence. The website is your greeting card, the first impression of your organization. This is true for every entity on the web, including nonprofits.

As a nonprofit its vital that the website have all the key elements to succeed in the digital world.


The pages on your website need to be readily accessible for your visitor in as few clicks as possible. The website navigation to find information and resources for your supporters should be quick and easy.

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Tell your story, include a mission statement, the accomplishments and future opportunities

Benefits Page:

Explain the benefits of joining, volunteering and donation is a must; allowing the nonprofit to express the benefits candidly and transparency.


Write and post frequently about events, successes and goals. This is a great way to convey information to the public, who may eventually become contributors to your cause.

Call-To-Action (CTA):

Create content that motivates visitors to take specific actions, such as volunteer for an event or make donations. A good CTA can make the difference between involvement with your organization or missed opportunities.

Donation Page Essentials:

Monetary contributions are vital to the nonprofit organization. Review the many platforms with your web designer to select the best one for your organization.

Mobile Friendly:

 Websites must be user friendly on all mobile and internet connected devices.

mobile friendly device


A logical navigation menu is key and essential. The best way to approach this is the use of a story board, ask your members and review other websites for ideas.


Always invite website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Use a simple sign up method, such as email and name to get them started. Send them a Welcome letter to set their expectations for future editions.


Show the world the events, your volunteers and cause in pictures. This is the ideal way to keep people engaged with your organization.

Include gateways to your Twitter, Facebook and other social pages.

Social Media Background

Written declarations about your organization are shown to influence web visitors. Personal experiences with the nonprofit can have a positive impact on visitors as most are influenced by third party’s endorsements.

A good web designer will create a website that looks good, functions as needed, and have great navigation for a stellar user experience. A great website will give the owner the flexibly they need to add, modify and remove content without being the designer. A designer who specializes in nonprofits doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right fit for your organization. The best designers are ones who use a vast selection of online resources and have knowledge, and experience with the tools they use to create a great user experience and employ the elements listed in this blog as a start. Need a designer? Contact dwli.net today.

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