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Domain Name Transfer

When you move your domain name to digital Web Leprechauns, magically we add one full year to the time you have left on your current registrar.  You don’t have to wait until your domain address is near expiration, make the switch at any time.  It’s free*, why wait!
Before a domain name can be moved it needs to be registered more than 60 days before the move: it also has to be more than 15 days until the domain expires.
People are protective of their property, and so your domain may have some layers of protection you may have to go through. To ready your domain for transfer:

Steps To Transfer Domain

  1. Unlock the domain name. Also, disable privacy options for the transfer process. They can be re-enabled after the domain is successfully transferred to DWLI.
  2. Review your contact information, confirm the administrators’ contact information for the domain is correct.
  3. Request an authorization code (known as an EPP code) from your current registrar. This code will be sent to the administrator’s email address.
  4. To authorize the transfer, the administrator just has to click on the APPROVE button that appears in the email. Or visit the DWLI store to finish.

*The free domain transfer only applies to a primary domain such as a .com, .net, .us or .org.
*Please note any DNS change may take up to several days to propagate.|
*Each domain name transfer may be different, to make sure it all goes smoothly, email help@dundee.net if you have questions.

Recieve 2 free years of domain registration when you host your website and transfer your domain registration to digital Web Leprechauns™.

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