Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Our SEO package includes:

☘️ Examine your entire website for spelling, grammar and punctuation error.

☘️ Verify all links are going where they are intended to go.


☘️ Correct all 404 error.

☘️ Validate all your website forms.

☘️ Work with your designer or ours to add pages, correct addresses, and phone numbers. Content updates too!

☘️ Setup a blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, add those feeds to your website to increase SEO value.

☘️ Configure mailing list management with a subscribe link from your website, so you can email company newsletters, send announcements and coupons to your subscribers.

☘️ Create and submit a sitemap to Google.

☘️ Add your website to Google analytics and Google webmaster tools.

☘️ Optional mailing list service that includes a subscribe link from your website with unlimited mailings for up to 500 subscribers. ($120 yearly).

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