Top 3 Ways to Customize your DIY Websites

Here at Digital Web Leprechauns, we know as a business owner, you require a website that is tailored specifically to your business; however, it can be time consuming and expensive to find the right designer that fits into your budget.   Instead, consider DWLI DYI.   Our DYI plan is designed to save you money and time.  With our DYI plan, create a website that is both functional and professional with the cost and time saving that a do-it-yourself website affords. Our DIY website templates are highly functional, responsive, and beautifully designed with click and drop block builder ELEMENTOR.  Just select a website template from one of the template categories, which include e-commerce, non-profit, health and fitness, restaurants, pet care and more.

Once the website template is ready you can edit the template to suit your needs. Images, colors, text almost anything can be changed to customize your business. We know that it can feel overwhelming not knowing where to start your project, below we have included step-by-step guidance on how to edit the three most commonly used blocks (images, text and buttons).

Change/edit image

Right Click on an image block you wish to edit and a side menu will open on the left.

change image

Click on the image on the menu and the menu library will open, you can then select from an image already in your library or upload one of your own.

image library

Once your image is changed, remember to update your page to save your change.

Elementor image block

Change Text:

Start By clicking on the text box you’d like to change, a side menu will open up on the left.

Elementor text editor

You may change the text, make it bold, italic or even add a link using the text editor.

To change text color, select the style menu:

Global Colors For changing text color

You may choose from predetermined global colors or use the color picker to customize the color needed.

Color picker for changing text color

Add/Change a button:

First, click on the button or empty space you’d like to change/add a button to view the menu.

button change

You may change the button’s wording by changing the Text box; the link may be altered here as well. In the above button we have added an icon from the icon library. This may be changed or removed entirely.

We work hard to add website templates that cover a wide range of business types. If you need a specific template category not currently available don’t worry, check back as we add new website templates regularly. Or contact us directly.

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