Understanding Web Hosting Basics

Web hosting for beginners:

“For any company, one of the most vital decisions you can make is to build a website. This site can bring in quite a large amount of business and can be an easy way to gain extra revenue through online product sales. However, the task of creating a website can be daunting; finding the right web hosting service can be downright painful. In order to make the best decision for your web hosting needs, you will need to have a little understanding of how the Internet works.

Where to Start?

First of all, everyone has heard of the three W’s that comes at the beginning of web addresses, but, do you know what those w’s mean?  The three letters are short for the World Wide Web. Which is in everyday terms, the Internet.

When you create a website, it is stored on a hosting server, which makes it accessible to other Internet users, utilizing a special communication for called HTTP. This protocol allows other computers to access your webpage through a unique web address or domain.

There are many, steps to getting your website to another computer. The steps can sound convoluted, but they are actually quite simple. A web server hosts your website, and then the site is accessed by another computer using its specific HTTP page address. In order for another computer to access your website, then the computer must make use of an Internet browser. This browser translates the special protocol language back into its original form.

Web Hosting Providers

Now, how does a web hosting service figure into this equation? The web hosting service that you choose will actually provide the server space that stores your website. The host will be responsible for storing and allowing access to your site and all of the web pages involved.

In order to have an effective website, a dependable web hosting service is a must. A good hosting service will provide a server that keeps your site up and active at all times. Many web-hosting services also include handy tools to store and separate files, manage and build web pages, and include such items as shopping carts and other sales tools. When you are deciding on which web hosting service to use, make sure to consider many factors, like the amount of storage space offered, the web builder platform available, the customer support options available, and the number of other options, such as email addresses and ftp that are included.”

By Leon Belenky

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