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Screaming BoyWeb Design Tips To Make your Site a Roaring Sucess:

As a small business owner, you can run your brick and mortar store with no problems. You can fill, and ship orders blindfolded, use all your expertise with the services you offer and run circles around your competition with your personalized customer service, but how much control do you have over one of the most important online marketing tools ever invented: your website. Your small business website is important. It’s your marketing, branding and essentially your livelihood put out there in cyberspace in competition with thousands of another website that offer the same thing you do. Online visitor expects to find information, quickly, without second-guessing the navigation placed there, most likely, by your web designer. Content, appearance, and usability are critical to your website success.
Did you know a web design could hurt your business?
  1. Poor Navigation: Easy and understandable visitor navigation should be one of your top priorities. Think of your own experiences, how long do you stay on a website when the navigation is hard to follow. Gets frustrating doesn’t it, and that experience probably leaves a bad impression of the company altogether. Do not set your website up to leave a bad impression. Keep your visitors with good navigation organization, which translate into more visitors, potentially more customers.
  2. No Call to Action: No matter how well you word your content, how many pictures, videos, and testimonials you use on your website if you do not close the deal your losing sales. Website traffic should not be your only goal; have a clear call to action prompting visitors to commit to signing up for your email list to buying your product. You want your visitor to do something while they are there.
  3. Content: What you say matters. “The times they are a changing.” Everyone seems to be in a hurry, which means most people do not like to read unless absolutely necessary. Create content that is easy and quick to read or scan.  Highlight points of interest, bullet point features and keep the relevant information in the forefront. Use white space to your advantage: to allow your readers to focus on a particular section.
  4. Disorder: Everyone has a lot to say or a lot to show. Do not put it all on your main page. You do not want to appear unorganized or distract anyone from your call to action. Visitors will not return if they can’t make sense of your website.
  5. Dull: Do not overlook the value of color. Color can add or take away from your website content. Colors and contrast can exemplify the order of things, create an appealing visual interest, relax atmosphere or make a user feel rushed. Do a little research by examining how other websites use color, in both good and bad ways.
These five easy steps will turn a good website into a great website. And if you need help drop us a line: info@dwli.net

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