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  • Background Information

  • Design

    This section addresses the overall look of your new site.
  • List 3 sites that you find appealing and describe why. They may or may not be similar to your organization:

  • Pages

    This section describes the pages you’d like to have in your site. Remember that most or all of these pages will appear in your navigation bar and this is how your users will maneuver around your web site. It is assumed that you will have a homepage.
  • (note: existing sites can change their pages to fit their needs)
  • Describes your organization
  • A page of links to similar organizations and affiliates
  • This information can appear in two different ways; as part of your heading on every page or a separate page. As a heading, only basic information can be included like address, phone and email. More information, like a map, multiple locations, directions and hours of operation in addition to the basic data requires a separate page.
  • Happenings with your organization and/or affiliates
  • How to make contributions to your organization, where the money is used, etc
  • i.e., an Arthritis organization will have information describing the different kinds of arthritis and how it may be treated. A tennis club will have a page on the rules of tennis, how it is scored, etc
  • Why join your organization, how to do so
  • Images and descriptions of products you carry without the ability to do online ordering. This is a more comfortable route for those who are getting a new website for the first time and want to ease into e-commerce
  • Profiles on organization leaders, volunteer of the year, etc
  • Information on current sponsors, how to become a sponsor
  • What your client has to say about you carries a lot of weight
  • Each business/organization has unique requirements and special information they want to share with the web community. Please list additional pages that you would like to see on the new website:
  • Functionality

    This section lists additional functionality you may want to have in your site.
  • Updateable
  • Usually used for visitors who are requesting specific information from you; i.e. sending a pamphlet or a catalog. They fill out a form and submit it; the data from the form goes to your email box
  • Usually used for advertising, a different image appears every several seconds
  • Basic search function that allows the user to search the site for a key word
  • for e-commerce sites only

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