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Transferring your Website

To host your website with us you need to contact your current registrar and point the domain name server address to us. This action will not transfer your domain registration, it will simply point your domain to the correct server where the site is hosted.

As an incentive to do both we offer an extra two years of registration when you transfer your domain and sign up for a hosting plan

Ready to move your site to DWLI…  

We need the following information from you

  1. The new or current registrant name, address, phone, and email
  2. The new or current Admin name, address, phone, and email. The Admin should be a person who is knowledgeable about the registering organization or business and has a working email address.
  3. A billing contact for registration. Include organization or business name, mailing address, phone and working email address
  4. A technical contact, which is typically Patricia Rountree. The technical contact is the person who can make changes to the DNS. If you want to have someone other than Patricia Rountree please provide the details for that person.
  5. A desired username and password for the control panel website. If you wish we can assign a random password and provide it to you.
  6. Your desired payment method (check, or credit card) and billing cycle. If you choose a credit card, your account will be debited automatically on the billing cycle you chose. The recurring fee for basic hosting on Linux, for example, us $13.85 monthly, $41.55 quarterly, or $155.20 annually. Set up fee for this service is $41.00 discounted for annual prepayment. If you are ordering a different service level other than basic Linux hosting, Windows users

Domain Transfer Steps

  1. The losing registrar provides a transfer code to the registrant who then provides it to us.
  2. We create a control panel account
  3. During the creation of the control panel, we initiate the domain transfer process using the authorization code received from the registrant
  4. We configure the web server, mail servers, DNS servers, etc for the domain
  5. The gaining registrar (eNom) will notify the losing registrar of the transfer request. One or both of the registrars will contact the registrant using the email address on the domain record. The email will likely have instructions for specific actions the registrant must perform to complete the transfer.
  6. You will receive one or more automatically generated emails from our control panel servers. One will be an invoice and the other will contain username/password information.
  7. You will then be able to login to your control panel and begin setting up your website. We will provide a control panel user’s guide to you if you have any questions or run into any problems. You can also open a trouble ticket in your control panel, which notifies our support staff you have a problem. We will then take steps to resolve your trouble ticket.
  8. Most of the time you will need the cooperation of the current registrant or we can work directly with your registrant.

Next Steps

If you’ are transferring both registration and website hosting go here: Domain transfer. 

Want to transfer your site only sign up here.

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