Website Transfer

Transferring your WordPress Website

We offer free WordPress migration to transfer your existing website to DWLI.

If you are transferring both registration and website hosting go here: Domain transfer.
Want to transfer your site only sign up here.

As an incentive to change both your registrar and domain host, we offer an extra two years of registration.

Transferring your HTML Website yourself

Moving your HTML website to our Windows Server
Moving a website can seem complicated. To start signup with DWLI for a plan.

  • Do not cancel your account with your current provider.
  • Backup your website files.
  • Next, migrate your entire site from the losing host to DWLI.

Migration can be done by downloading your files using FTP and uploading all your files to our server. (maintain the same file and folder structure)

We recommend you use an FTP client to move your files successfully.

  •  Preview your website by logging in to the control panel (Use the same user name and password when you created your DWLI account)

Everything looks good? If you’re not changing registrars, change the nameservers with your current registrar to point to DWLI: ns1.dundee.net and ns2.dundee.net.

After everything propagates, (a few hours to a few days) contact your former hosting company and cancel your account.