What Works Against Your Website Success?

Your first website, so many fun tools and doodads to use.  AND so you’re told, there are several ways to make money if you include apps, such as popups, runners, auto-play ads, and a chatbot or two on your website.


A website page can be any length, so adding a few of these shouldn’t be a problem, right?  Wrong!

The research will tell you the second most annoying thing a web site can offer after slow loading speeds; non-stop popups and loads of in-your-face ads.

I can guarantee if someone is visiting your website, it’s not for those intrusive pop-ups and glaring ads, it’s for your content.

And non-stop pop-ups will increase loading times, so why add to the irritation.   

no popup or adsEven without pop-ups, visitors may still find your website slow loading if your pages are sprinkled with ads. In addition, an overburdened website with advertisements can get confusing.  Confusion creates antsy visitors who leave without saying goodbye. When they leave without going any further than the page they landed on, they essentially bounce away.

A bounce rate can determine the success of your website. The higher the bounce the less likely any of your content was read.  I’m not saying ads are a bad thing but don’t overdo it. Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and place ads in non-intrusive places, just enough as not to distract from your content.

Talk about distraction, what about auto-play videos and music that loads immediately when you land on a webpage. It’s unlikely that you haven’t experienced at least one of these websites with a load and play routine during your internet surfing.

You will notice with these auto-play distractions, you must wait for those crucial seconds to pass before you can turn it off. Don’t use these on your website, don’t be that guy.

mobile website usersAnd the last thing to consider is mobile users. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly, tablet friendly, desktop friendly, etc. Websites that don’t create a digital all platform will lose out on sales and search engine rankings.

If this is your first website or one you’ve always had – eliminate the popups and ads; let us help you succeed with a classy design and mailing list. Our expert consultants are here to help.

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Most People

Find Pop-Ups Annoying

No one wants to have to click out of a popup to read your content. They are far more likely to leave.