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You have a website, it’s operational, but it may not be up to date. Websites take a long time to plan and redo, and if you’re the only one doing this you may avoid updating, believing you can leave outdated information on your site a while longer

After all, you’re on Facebook with at least 500 followers

As far as websites go experts say they should be updated at least every 3 years, just to keep up with things. In that case, would an entirely revamped website be in order or maybe just well-placed updates to it.

If you decide to update, there are several free resources available for advice; from How To Optimize Your Website” to “How To Write Good Copy. “

Also consider, how easy or difficult it is to access your website. Do you use a CMS portal for website management, or do you depend on a web designer for assistance?   Is your website user-friendly and hard to change so updates are few and far between?

If this is the case a remake in WordPress may be the way to go, turning a hard to manage HTML website to an easy to manage one.

WordPress is ideal because it is:

Totally user-friendly: You can update it, change the look, the navigation and customize it all by yourself or have your web designer involved

Secure: Granted everything needs to be updated, but security starts at home.  Avoid using outdated vulnerable software to weak easy to guess passwords. WordPress has many security options and reports available.

. Open Source: “original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.”  Internet Dictionary Being so there are many programs or apps for WordPress that, when added to whatever Theme you select will allow your website to do what you need without having to know any coding

Easy to add SEO attributes. For example, when you add an image in WordPress you can include the meta description and alt text for indexing. AND the WordPress platform is optimized continually with each update what helps with search engine optimization.

You can customize it, completely.  Besides all the free and no so free WordPress templates around you can build your own page from scratch. And your site will maintain the friendliness and ease of use

Multi-User friendly. You can control who has back end access and decide which permissions to give them

Plug-ins galore. Need something done, there’s a plugin for that

Have questions?  We are here to talk to you about your website plans, and why WordPress is a great option for your website.  Contact us today!

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