DWLI Social Media Connect Managed Hosting

Elevate Your Social Media Presence with DWLI’s Customizable Packages

At DWLI, we specialize in making unique media plans for small businesses and non-profits.  Our packages are flexible. You can start with our basic Facebook option and then add more platforms to grow your online presence. We offer Social media integration with your website for more visibility. 

Foundational Facebook Plan the Starting Point for Your social media Journey-

with 3 engaging posts per week on Facebook.

Maintain a steady and impactful social presence.

Connect your business with your community.

Build online credibility.

Enhance Your Social Presence: Add Platforms to Your Facebook Plan

X Engagement: +$10/month -1 post a week on Twitter

LinkedIn Networking: +$5/month -1 additional post a week on LinkedIn, ideal for B2B engagement.

Instagram Visibility: +$20/month – 3 additional posts a week on Instagram

All-Inclusive Package: $100/month

Elevate your social game: Include X, LinkedIn, and Instagram with your Facebook plan for wider reach and dynamic engagement!

Why Partner with DWLI?

Flexibility and Value: Start with our foundational Facebook plan and add platforms as needed.

No contracts – cancel anytime.

Personalized Strategies: Engage Your Audience with Unique Content and Interaction.

Insightful Analytics: Receive detailed reports on your social media performance*, to make data-driven decisions.

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*Only available with Facebook