DWLI Social Media Connect Managed Hosting

It can be challenging for a small business owner to read and post to each social media platform with any regularity

Social media moves at the internet’s light speed. 
It is time-consuming, costly, and challenging to read and post to each social media platform with any regularity.   While your website establishes your online credibility,  Social Media helps your business connect with your audience, customers, and prospects.  

DWLI’s Social Media Connect wins the challenge and solves the issue of cost and time with our Social Media Connect management for small businesses and non-profits

Only $99 a month
(no contract, cancel anytime)

  • Enhanced social engagement with relevant posts on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages
  • Social collaboration – with social media presence we help multiple people interact and share your information
  • 3 Posts Weekly 
  • Content Calendar
  • Reply and response to Direct Messages- with your approval
  • Reports
  • No contract, cancel anytime
  • Add email marketing or select managed email marketing (we compose, manage, send and report on your list campaigns*)

Outsource your Social Media strategy to the Lepchrauns.  We have the experience and understanding of how things work.  We will fit you with the best social platforms – all for a low monthly fee.

Need a website?  Contact info@dundee.net for website design and hosting with social  media management

*Message size limited to 35K, unlimited messages