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WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), with an easy to use “no coding-necessary” simple interface. WordPress is intuitive, its a great platform for any website. Favored by designers and bloggers alike. WordPress – A true content-publishing platform!

with DWLI WordPress hosting expect:

☘️ Free WordPress and Themes installation

☘️ Automatic updates and upgrades based on WordPress releases

☘️ Administrator login with multiple permission levels for others

☘️Having full control over your WordPress website

☘️ Easy to use dashboard interface

☘️ Thousands of plugin to choose from

☘️ Current Website security

☘️ Easy to manage email accounts and multiple domains

☘️ E-Commerce support, embed video capabilities, dynamic calendars of events, free support and more!

What can digital W@b Leprechauns™ do for you?

☘️ Host on WordPress optimized servers

Female Tech Support Operator

☘️ Free website transfer

☘️ 24/7 live server monitoring

☘️ WordPress specific services based on WordPress Knowledge

☘️ Free WordPress install and Themes

☘️ WordPress Help Videos

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