Acceptable Use

Acceptable Use Policy:

This Agreement sets forth Acceptable Use of Services when using digital W@b Leprechauns (known as  DWLI or Web hosting.

The terms “we”, us or “our”, in this agreement shall refer to DWLI, whereas the terms “you”, “your” or “customer” will refer to any individual or entity who accepts this Agreement.

We may change or modify this Agreement as needed, including limits, restrictions on services and so forth.   We will notify you (when possible), that such changes are made. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your customer records up to date at all times.  We assume no liability or responsibility for your failure to receive an email, letter or phone call if caused by inaccurate records that were not updated by you.


Web Hosting:   Your site is placed on one or more servers and resources are shared among many customers on the same servers.  However, your site gives its own unique address.

WordPress Hosting:  Your site is hosted on WordPress software offering a managed WordPress plan.  All WordPress files are kept up-to-date. (see plans for backup, security, plugin updates, and themes) WordPress hosting may only be used to host a WordPress site.  One WordPress installation for one WordPress site.

Dedicated Server:  You will have exclusive rights to a physical server, including but not limited to, bandwidth, memory, and storage.  As a result, the performance of your dedicated server will not be affected by the performance of other customers.

Domain Management:  If you have a registered domain elsewhere, and you are hosting with DWLI, as a courtesy service we will assist you in moving your domain renewals to us. Once transferred the first-year renewal, is free for domain transfers to the DWLI registrar.

Email List Hosting and Email Marketing:  We do not accept contracts from known spammers. Additionally, accounts found to intentionally violate our Accepted Use Policy for email are subject to immediate termination.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):  All recommendations, is the responsibility of the site owner to change on their website unless otherwise noted in a DWLI service plan or SEO Agreement.

WordPress Design: We are not responsible for any changes or updates to your website. Unless otherwise noted in a DWLI service plan or SEO Agreement.

In Addition

You agree that DWLI services/servers may not be used as a relay, DOS attacks, packet corruption or any other abusive activities that are illegal, hostile or cause disruption on Internet Services to DWLI and or our customers or any other 3rd parties.  We reserve the rights to remove your website if you are in violation of the Agreement.  In addition, you agree DWLI may scan your account for malicious content such as malware, and if found may result in website removal from our servers.

Unacceptable use of services includes, but not limited to, an attempt to mislead by hiding your identity, hacking or trying to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, server or network.

Unless otherwise contracted with DWLI, you are responsible for providing all updates, uploading and maintaining your website and all files, links, photos, audio, video and all other media.


Child Pornography
Distribution of Viruses, Trojan horses, and other damaging activities
Online Drug Stores
Violation of Intellectual Property


You agree when hosting services are terminated that your IP address, server names, and other services affiliated with DWLI Webhosting will no longer be available for use.  By this policy, we will not FTP your site to another provider.  Site Studio designs are propriety software and the layout /theme cannot be transferred.