WordPress Hosting Solutions

WordPress Hosting Solutions

Did you know most WordPress hosting companies will update WordPress? However, they won’t update those all-important plugins and themes

A WordPress website needs ongoing management which includes:

  • Security
  • Backups
  • Updates
  • Hosting

Not hosting with us?

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Within 24 hours we:

Perform a Security Scan,  making sure your site is clear of Malware and Viruses.

  •  WordPress Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Malware Monitoring
  • Backlist Monitoring and removal
  • Broken Link reports
  • Plugin Installations
  • Plugin Monitoring
  • Make corrections and updates
  • Create pages with your content
  • Back up your site, in fact, we do this daily
  • WordPress Database Optimization


Plans start at $59.95 monthly. Note, we perform all updates on a cloned site to verify compatibility before installing them on your site. As a result, your live site should not be affected by any incompatible updates.

Uptime Monitoring
SEO Add $5
Security Monitoring
Plugin Updates
Performance Enhancements
Off Site CLOUD backups
Malware Monitoring
Database Optimization
Broken Link reports
Backlist Monitoring and removal

We offer full Managed Services:

  •  Start with Security:  WordPress usually rolls out major updates a few times a year, with minor updates released in between.  These major program updates are normally taken care of by your hosting provider.  The minor updates, as well as ones made to your theme and plugins, are not normally updated by your hosting provider. However, these updates are extremely important for website security and functionality.
  •  Backups.  We backup your site once a day if you have changing content, with a full weekly backup.  Some hosting providers back up their server only, not individual sites.
  • Monitoring:  Select from basic security monitoring, updates and more

Managed Service, Security, Backups & Support for your WordPress Site that you’re hosting elsewhere.

WordPress needs to be kept up-to-date.  This includes your themes and plugins.  However, your hosting company may update WordPress but they may not be updating YOUR theme and plugins. Consequently, leaving your site vulnerable.

Avoid Business Stopping Nightmares:

  •  Let us worry about all those technical details, like security and backups.
  • Keep your content safe.