Choose your font-style wisely

When you have your website professionally done or decide to do it yourself the fonts, images, and everything in-between must be considered. The fonts you use for your website project, regardless of your intended audience, is a key design feature.  Therefore, the type of font-style should be wisely considered.

The font style you choose will create the websites atmosphere, so naturally you want a font set that complements the other elements in your design.

Because the type of font used enhance the imagery of a website, consider your visitors. For example, when your expected audience are:

All these groups have different interests.  The font you use will covey a certain feeling of knowledge and importance to them.

Web designers will have suggestions, that define font style.  They use them in the headers, paragraphs and text, navigation, links and so on. You want something that looks clean and crisp and easy to read.

The fonts of your website should be consistent. Sometimes simple is best. Too much imagination and creativity may take away from the content and message of your website.

The color and font are responsible for the majority of your site, so font color selection is just as important as the font itself. You want this combination of color and letters to be an effective communication tool for your brand, product, or service.

  1. As mentioned, know your audience.
  2. For text, use a font that is easy to read
  3. With different content, for example an online newspaper, would use a different font for the header and copy than an online store, therefore research available options.
  4. When the pages of your website are meant to be printed, choose a font-style that translates well on paper

Font selection isn’t as simple as you might believe.  Browsers, and cell phones use to render fonts, differently than the fonts used on the website it was viewing.   At that time there was no guarantee the visitor will see, for example, HTML text as intended.  Now we have web safe fonts, that alleviate some of these font issues.  However, a user may run into an issue if you’re using a custom font that they do not have installed on their computer.