Domain Email Explained!

Email PuzzleFree isn’t better!

When creating a new website, it is important to include contact information. This information is the first impression your website visitors will have with your company.  Therefore, It is important that your contact information is accurate, easy to read and professional. If you plan to use an email address as a point of contact,  create a custom domain email address.  What is a custom domain email address; It’s an email address that includes your domain name after the @ sign.  When you use domain email,  it identifies who you are and the company or organization you are associated with. When you email using a Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook address, the message carries no identity other than the email provider you are using.

Top 5 reasons your site needs a domain email.

  1. Professionalism: If you decide against a custom email address because Gmail and Yahoo provide free ones, consider this. A customer is thinking about spending money with your company. Put yourself in their shoes which email would you feel more confident in IceCream@gmail.com or sales@dairybarn.com? Customers will judge your credibility; do they want to spend their hard earned money on a company that still uses a free email account?
  2. Control: All companies experience turnover. When an employee leaves your company and they were using a free personal email address the email leaves with them. If you set up a domain email the email will remain with the company.
  3. Unlimited Emails: Whether your company is large or small you can create as many email addresses as you need. Emails can be generated for the company such as (sales@domain.com or Info@domain.com), and they can also be created for specific people (i.e instead of sales@mycompany.com, create holly@mycompany.com)
  4. No Additional Cost: If you’ve purchase a domain name for your website, then you already have the ability to use that domain name to make email addresses.
  5. Domain Email Branding: Let your email branding work for you. When using your email it is not only seen on your site but also business cards and marketing campaigns. Consider your email address as your calling card, it needs to be respectable and memorable!Need more information:  email paddy@dwli.net