Finding the Right Images to Enhance Your Website Content in 7 steps.

Images on a website can bring life to words, they can enhance your website content, making them the visual communication part of your content strategy. Websites without an image or two can be tedious, uninteresting, and dull as they play a part in the perception one gets from a website. However a bad image, that is irrelevant, or poor quality can leave a negative impression of your products, or services. The right image makes it easier for people to recall website information while adding interest and color that increased user engagement with your website content.

Find the right image to enhance your website content.

Here are 7 tips to consider:

  1.  Visual Candy: For clarity and detail, select higher resolution images, those that have a greater concentration of pixels.
  2.  Is this you? Regardless of what you sell or service, or even the reason you have a website, select images that are applicable to your brand.
  3.  Did you assign it a job? Why are you using an image in the first place; to break up the monotony of page text, to show off your product, or is it clickable as a call-to-action button?
  4.  Are your images your type? Are you selling personal products where an image of someone using your merchandise is suitable, or does your image need to tell a story to draw in the viewer?
  5.  This is your reality? Try not to use stock photos, use real people. Borrowing images from the internet may cause licensing issues so it’s best to use original photographs when possible.
  6.  Images in search engines. When your website displays a high-quality image, make sure it’s named correctly, and in doing so it will be ready for indexing in the search engines. The description is only visible to a search engine and using it will let them know what the image is about.
  7.  JPG or PNG? When using photos jpgs are the best. A PNG file should be used for graphics, text laden images. It also works well with transparent backgrounds, large areas of color, and logos.

Images to enhance your website content can be pictures that are worth 1,000 words. And when looking for originality, when you’re out of ideas, try an AI image generator for new ideas and originality. AI-generated-mushroom-in-space.jpg