Learn the secret of Managed WordPress Hosting.

Is your website created in WordPress?  Who takes care of the maintenance, making the necessary changes, and updates to keep it secure?  Did you know to run efficiently a WordPress website requires backend attention by you, your designer or your host provider.  

Digital Web Leprechauns offers managed WordPress website hosting, a service that stores data and allows your website to be accessible to the Online Internet World.  Typically, website hosting is a paid service.

A WordPress Hosting Provider may offer:

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☘ A low hosting fee; just space to store your website and data and nothing more.

☘ A hosting and design deal for the first year, with limiting features that are available with additional cost.

☘ Free hosting, and use your website to run ads, which may include those of your competitors

☘ No charge hosting because they are using their domain; all the web traffic goes to them, not to you.

☘ Features like security, guaranteed performance and general site management, but not update your website plugin’s, or care about your SEO.

☘ Managed services, where everything is done for you, such as updates, SEO and website security.

To the layman, web hosting must seem easy, but any job, if done right, should look easy.  And there are many technical facets a website host must know, to set up a WordPress web-server correctly.  That’s why WordPress managed services is ideal if you’re limited on time or technical expertise to do the daily upkeep on your website.

Manage Services for WordPress will:

☘ Handle internet traffic and operating system levels.

☘ Protect the server from virus and malware attacks.

☘ Update the WordPress core platform.

☘ Do automated daily website backups and on demand oneclick backups.

☘ Scan for Malware.

☘ Easily allow a staging site creation.  ( A staging site is an exact copy of your existing site, available for you to personally use to test new themes, updates, and code modifications before applying the code to a live site. )

In addition, a WordPress managed service normally operates their servers to maintain a 24/7 online operation, having the latest hardware revisions and redundant systems in place.

Along with optimized systems, a major advantage working with a WordPress host; severs are generally configured for the best WordPress operation.  For example, Digital Web Leprechauns employs website caching, which at the server level allows websites to be extremely fast, increasing SEO scores which increases the number of happy website owners.

And website owners using WordPress managed services find the hosting environment is more secure, because the server admins know exactly what is running on the server and any vulnerably if present for specific software so they can correct them. Technical support is usually above average.  The WordPress server admins know what to expect when someone logs into their website with incorrect credentials or when a website produces errors because the owner added an incompatible plugin.  

To that end they:

☘ Apply security updates as soon as they are available

☘ Run the latest version of the WordPress Core program which is essential to keep everything secure including the entire network.

☘ Perform regular backups and have a server(s) with more efficient server-side caching for speed and productivity.

In conclusion, when you have a WordPress site, choose managed hosting every time!

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Digital Web Leprechauns offers managed WordPress hosting.  With managed WordPress, we have hosting plans specially tailored to the needs of our customers, such as SEO, optimization, plugin updates and compatibly checks. You can find us at dwli.net, on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest