Should you update your own WordPress site?

WordPress SecurityWordPress is cool!

It was developed by a group of developers. They made it free and open sourced. WordPress seems to be in a constant state of change. Each time the program is updated with a new release, things happen. Bugs get fixed. New Features are added, and overall performance is improved. In the meantime, the bad people of the world are busy writing bots and code to break into WordPress sites. Only to be stopped by a new release which fixed a vulnerability – if you didn’t update your WordPress site, well you might be hacked and of course, you’ll be missing out on any nifty new features. You might think, “gee my site is working great, I’m going to skip the new release”. Think of updating anyway, as WordPress grows in popularity, it has become a popular target for hackers, malicious code writers, data thieves and those who dare to make a name for themselves on the dark web. With this in mind, don’t give them the playground they need, leaving your WordPress site open without the latest updates.

Open Sourced doesn’t mean safe:

Remember this platform is open source, therefore, anyone can see and use the source code. Subsequently, this can be to your advantage, by creating a new feature or your disadvantage, by creating a new hack.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of good hackers out there too, which means security updates are totally necessary as new hacks are routinely discovered. More importantly, it’s not just WordPress that’s exploited, it’s the plugins too. This means, yes you must, update those plugins too.  In fact, this may need to be done daily. Once in a while a plugin and theme will not agree, and something will stop working.   This happens if you updated the plugin and not the theme, or the plugin developer wasn’t following safe coding, so back up your site before you do anything. Backup, plugin’s updates, theme updates, it doesn’t end.  And all that time.  Check out our WordPress Maintenance package, we take the Worry out of WordPress.