The Continual Evolution of WordPress

Website TemplateAt one time the WordPress (WP) platform was synonymous with blogging.

That was a while ago. With the continual evolution of WordPress, this simple blogging platform has become a versatile content management system. Blogging continues to be a big part of the WordPress platform, but WordPress website development and WP mobile applications are taking over the lead.

WordPress is naturally easy to use, flexible and friendly. Its popularity continues to grow, and it does just about anything you would need it to do. With that in mind, look around the Internet, you will find more and more web developers turning to WP as their platform of choice. Websites from the BBC to Variety and everything in between has opted for a WordPress site.

The WordPress advantages:

  • WordPress is free. Its open source, there are no restrictions or licensing issues using or modifying it.
  • Free WordPress themes can be found to develop any type of business or venture you can think of.
  • Supported by 100’s of free WordPress plugins (apps), your site should do anything you want it to do.
  • To run a WordPress site all you need is a website hosting company like DWLI.
  • Its community software, no one owns it but several people contribute to it. Support for themes and plugin’s is free.
  • Did I mention it’s very easy to use.
  • Free tutorials and videos.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Supports a variety of media: audio, video, images.
  • You can embed files, such as Instagram and YouTube.
  • Manage files and documents.
  • And there’s so much more…

WordPress continues to grow day by day.  It’s user-friendly, with the ability to be all that it could be.  Each update to the WordPress platform improves its performance.  It’s becoming the most popular feature-rich hosting platform around:  Sign up today to experience the most versatile web platform available.  And check out our free themes too.