Website AI output or Did You Really Mean to Say That?

Have your online visitors expressed dislike to your automated online chatbot, which is only designed to help them with simple questions that you programed into it. Perhaps by changing to an AI output, which mimics human intelligence by collecting data, (how it learns) is a better replacement for your customers. 

The current advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, shows AI output is becoming smarter and more intuitive every day.  Consequently, more online resources are turning to AI output.  Its use promises to bring creative change, in many areas of our lives, even in web design.  

Chatbot As a website owner, it’s hard to ignore the AI revolution and all its potential capabilities. Should you use AI output technology for your website, beyond the chatbot?

AIs are more than a talking box on a website answering questions. With their advanced algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, an AI can generate content that is more engaging than a simple chat client. They are the new content creators. They can write sentences, paragraphs, and blogs based on your ideas. They can answer questions, design logos, and make music all in different languages. They are everywhere and multiplying in all areas of the internet, i.e., website content.

What do you think about an AI creating online content for your website? Will this save you time?  Will the content be “original” or the same content created for a competitor’s website?  Will Artificial Intelligence content adversely affect your online SEO rankings?

An AI would answer that question this way: “AI content can be a great asset for website owners looking to save time and create original content. AI-generated online content is often tailored to the specific needs of each individual website, ensuring that it won’t be identical to any competitor’s site. In addition, if used correctly, AI-created online material can actually help improve SEO rankings as long as the quality of the material remains high. All in all, using an AI for creating online content could prove beneficial in many ways!”

Is the AI right? Is Artificial Intelligent generated content a good thing for web developers?

You may have noticed more conversations about AI generators. These types of tools produce, text, images, coding, audio, while some can make forecasts based on familiar patterns. It’s software that can operate online from a Web Browser, or with a simple download to your computer.

AI software may be the future, but right now they are far from perfect. When creating content AI output often makes mistakes: they have issues understanding context.  They cannot comprehend emotion or inflection in words. For those reasons AI output isn’t always correct. Humans are needed for accuracy.

Even so, AI content with a human correction may have the appearance of sprouting spam according to “Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller”.  However, as fast as AI has become a hot topic Google has revised its stance on AI content.  Still, other opponents of Artificial Intelligence claim the output is not entirely unique. This is due to the fact the output is just a collection of input, there is no intelligent thought or feelings behind the words.

While AI output seems to offer content that is more accurate and efficient, people are still responsible for the input and data sets. When any of these elements contain bias and flaws, which they will as no one is perfect, the AI will produce biased or partial content. And racist or partial content is something you do not want on your website. If it works for you use, AI tools as part of your content creation process. Before hitting publish, it’s essential to critically review your content and make sure that any changes made are not just in terms of tone but also for diversity and inclusivity. Audit your work before publishing so you’re confident that it resonates with everyone who reads it.