Website design is a partnership

Website design is a partnership. The website owner brings the content, images and intent to the table. We take those elements, and with our expertise create a working, viable, and interesting website that is:

  • Clear in its purpose
  • Easy to navigate
  • Neat and clean in presentation
  • About the customer
  • Secure and trustworthy

Those elements make up the business website, whether unique or those with similar services and products. Each business website stands alone in how they are presented to the world typically based on experience, assistance, and community.

Therefore each website created by DWLI is a reflection of the business personality, not a cookie-cutter persona, that is without imagination, character, or exclusivity. One such website that comes to mind is MeaningfulMarbles.com

Meaningful Marbles creates unique memory keepsakes, encapsulating the ashes of departed loved ones in a one-of-a-kind marble, enhanced with threads of gold or silver. The owner of Memorial Marbles engaged DWLI to present their services to the world in the form of a website. To make it a good website we must be mindful that we:

  • web design logoDo not overdo the menu and options
  • Have a logical flow of information
  • Customize 404 pages
  • Avoid links that take the visitor somewhere else
  • Have a mobile presence that is easy to read and use
  • Use CDN and verify the website loads quickly
  • Optimize images, and use proper tags
  • Pay attention to SEO and optimization as the website is developed

With those items in mind we depend on the site owner to:

  • website layoutExplain the purpose of their website
  • Know their audience
  • Offer up content that reflects their brand
  • Have a clear goal in mind
  • Supply images, videos, and audio

To get started on your website journey just fill out the form located at https://dwli.net/website-design-customer-form/ Website design is a partnership so lets work together.