Why Secure WordPress management to manage your website

Debbie DuLittle signed up with a well know provider to develop and host a website for her baby doll outlet. The design team came up with a classic WordPress website. To host this new website, Debbie, being the frugal businesswoman she is, selects the Basic Hosting Plan for WordPress.

This plan has a 70% discount for the first year; thereafter no discount and all hosting costs, need to be pre-paid. However, the budget plan left Debbie to do the secure WordPress management herself.

What could go wrong?

Twenty days later Debbie’s website was down. Secure WordPress management takes time, time, she didn’t have. Deb then switched her basic plan to managed WordPress hosting. Days later her website went down again. It was then that she discovered her provider’s secure WordPress management, (managed hosting) automatically took care of the WordPress core updates but did nothing about plugin updates, or update conflicts.

Plugin conflicts happen because they are developed by different people. The code executing one plugin may not jive nicely with another code. Therefore, an incompatibility may simply be caused by a plugin update, causing problems with other code, the theme, or the WordPress version.

All updates are important, mostly to keep your website secure. When your hosting provider offers secure WordPress management, they normally beg out of updating the site’s plugins, leaving that up to the website owner to do, and if there’s a conflict, resolve the issues.

Issues such as plugin conflicts can be resolved before they cause problems. If Deb used a provider offering complete secure WordPress management the website would be updated entirely, conflicts resolved, and secure. Secure WordPress management is a specialized web hosting service developed and built entirely for supporting WordPress sites and users.

Managed WordPress hosting avoids costly labor fees and more importantly time. Don’t be a Debbie, use a provider who offers Secure WordPress management that will:

wordpress updates1. Automatically update the core program, themes, and plugins

2. Keep the site up to date with proper security

3. Resolve issues with software conflicts

4. AND we also include simple updates and website changes too.