WordPress has a History, are you part of it?

WordPress is considered the best content management system in this century.  It’s written in a common well-known scripting language, PHP formerly known as Personal Home Page. It is used to create and develop internet applications into webpages.

Personal Home Page or PHP

With PHP, WordPress has grown in popularity offering its users a multitude of benefits and thousands of themes that support any type of business, organization, or blog.

WordPress as a website platform is versatile and used by millions.  Here are the reasons WordPress is the best choice in website development.


WordPress has a history, one that started in 2003.  It has evolved into thousands of themes and plugins, making it a platform for all.

Open Source

WordPress Source Code

WordPress as a platform is totally free. The source code is available to everyone. People can inspect it, use it, change it, and develop applications based on it.


WordPress is inherently Search Engine friendly.


Startups from established organizations can take advantage of the many themes  a WordPress platform has to offer. 


WordPress can almost do anything, including e-commerce, photo library, or running stats for a High School soccer team. Whatever you need done, there’s probably a plugin for it.


Most if not all website hosting providers offer WordPress installations.  These companies generally keep up with updates for the WordPress platform, however, backups and plugin updates may be left to the site owner. We offer managed WordPress hosting, which means we test, configure, and update everything so the site owner doesn’t have to.  

Website Security


Keep your WordPress site protected. It’s all about maintaining the platform, theme, and plugins up to date.


Some of us, who offer web design have become experts in their own right.  WordPress design and development are offered on the internet with pricing all over the map.  Finding a WordPress website developer like DWLI.net is recommended.  If you decide to create a WordPress site yourself, consider the cost in money and time – an expert will get it done, it will be secure and ready for business.  

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