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A website has become the bread and butter of most companies.  Of course, social media helps out, but the optimum tool for business is the company website. 

A Website represents who you are, what you are and where you’re going.  You may have a physical office in a high rise, or on your grandmother’s kitchen table, the real workplace of today takes place at the keyboard and what is presented on the internet; the real workplace is your website.

As a business, your website is your lifeblood as it represents your identity, your public image, and the company philosophy.  This is done with a well written, well-presented Website:  informative with easy navigation having just the right number of pages, colors and images and all digital device friendly. 

To attract and keep your visitors, and all device friendly Website must:

Have a great design.  Themes are very useful to make this happen; they can be a good start to a great ending.  The best way to assist your designer is with good communication and a written plan.  Great websites take time to capture the look and feel you want to express, have patience.

Be Easy to Navigate; Looks are just part of it.  It’s essential that your visitor can find the information you’re giving them.  Some websites are so complicated and chock full of information it may take several minutes of reading and clicking links to even figure out what they are offering.  Great websites have everything the visitor needs; only a click away.

Include a search bar.  It’s always a plus when someone can search quickly.

Be Responsive:  Your website needs to be responsive to the device it’s being viewed on.  In other words, you must be able to view your site as intended on any device your visitor is using.

Include a Contact Page and all the ways you would like someone to contact you for sales, information, and support.

Have clear and relevant images and maybe some animation.  Images add to the story you’re telling; the right image can send the right message.  Moreover, a bit of animation can exalt your visitor interest.  Your designer must keep in mind the loading times; the designer knows to optimized everything. 

Use good integration with other tools you might be using.  If you take money by PayPal, use a shopping cart, update your inventory or issued support tickets, everything must work together.  And how do you manage all those customer interactions, have a CRM management tool.

Offer a mailing list that complements the business you’re in.  A mailing list will create customer loyalty.

Include Social Media, share your posts automatically on your website to links to your social media pages.

Be secure, with an installed SSL certificate.  This is something your web designer or hosting company can do. Https is the current website security standard between a web server and an Internet browser.

A great website should not have:

Thumbs Down

A poor loading speed:  Everyone is always it a hurry, there’s a lack of patience.  No one wants to wait for information, and a slow loading website is no exception.  Test the loading speed of your website (i.e.  A good rule of thumb, your site shouldn’t take more than 3-4 seconds to load.

Errors or broken links.  As with anything else your website should be tested for broken links and verified that the links take your visitor where they should go.  You can use to check.

A Great Website might consider adding

A Chatbot: it’s always nice to be immediately addressed.

Breadcrumbs so your visitor can easily backtrack their steps or jump directly to a place they want to be.
Google analytics and a heatmap so you can see the pages most visitors read and interact with first, last and in-between.  They help you understand your users better.


SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, allows people to easily find your website.  A good set of keywords and optimized images and content.

A good place to transform your website into a Great Website: Dundee’s Digital Web Leprechaun!

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