Why is your Website not doing well?

How is your website doing:

Is it bringing in sales, inquires, and visitors?  Have you reviewed your GOOGLE analytics lately- is it the report that expect? If not, you may be a victim of Old Website Syndrome (OWS)…

facebook loginThis happens to the best of us, we get a great website, get busy with life and forget about it because you now have a business listing on Social Media.

Social Media, easy to do and free!  And your customers can leave comments and you can reply. However your Social Media Business page is not unique – yours is formatted exactly like everyone else with a business page. And there’s thousands of them.

But the biggest drawback with Social Media business listings; you do not control your destiny.  Social Media platforms change their policies all the time, which may affect your business page.  In fact, DWLI.net had a recent post with an image of a display of face masks, in reference to website hosting. Our post was removed because it violated the Social Media platform policy we host on.   Also, free Social Media platforms, historically have come and gone. Your business is online one day and the next day you’re not. It could happen.

How to overcome OWS

  • Keep adding new content just to keep things fresh. Every so often change or update your website with new wording, images, sales and offers.  Consider posting a  new monthly blog or whitepaper.  Website activity shows the search engines you are alive and well.
  • Review and update your contact information. Is that listed toll-free number still working, is the “Contact Us” page operative? Are all the email addresses current?
  • Make sure your homepage is up to date. Every so often test the links and verify everything is running smoothly. Confirm everything on the page from top to bottom – is the menu still easy to navigate with relevant links, is your footer still accurate or does it need to be updated? What year is displayed: © 2020 or © 2016?
  • Are the colors, images, and fonts suited for the website visitor? When a page is too busy, or the colors  too bright and contrasting with hard to read text you lose the website visitor. Keep things in perspective, use images that reflect your business with fonts that are readable and colors that enhance the page.
  • homepageDoes your website look and work well on smartphones and tablets? These devices display a mini version of your website, and how it displays depends on the design. Can the website easily adjust to fit any size screen, how does the menu look, do the images load, can you click on the phone number to dial the company automatically?
  • How secure is your website, are visitors getting a “Your Connection to This Site is Not Secure” More and more web browsers seem to be looking out for the user.  If your website’s security, is lax the browser police  may not let the visitor, visit.  An SSL certificate will change that from an insecure web site to one that is verified and secure.

I hope this helps with OWS. But if you’re still suffering from Old Website Syndrome  because you  don’t have time to add content, update and optimize images, install an SSL certificate and verify if it works on smartphones or tablets, give us a call.  734-529-5331 or email us!