Ways to capture your website audience interest.

website analyticsYou have a website, it’s doing okay, but not great. You get visitors, but the website audience doesn’t really stick around, and according to your stats, they come back on occasion, but do not stay long.

However, you find that most visitors are there for the first time. They may have found you on a search engine, or response to an ad you’re running, or may have been referred by a friend.

How can you keep them engaged, hold their attention, and give them an outstanding first impression?

Here are some ways to keep your website audience’s interest and convert visitors into sales.

  • website conversionOffer value: useful blogs, free downloadable white papers, or a pre-recorded webinar.

  • Educate your visitors: Post product or service information, FAQ, and helpful hints on your product/service. Include images, testimonials, and case studies.

  • Convert your website audience to customers by having an enticing call-to-action with its own landing page, encourage visitors to purchase products/services with coupons, join your mailing list with a voucher for a free monthly drawing, and so on.

In addition your content should always be clear, informative and always helpful. If you have a favorite way to capture your website audience, please comment below.