What is PHP and Why is it Used?

Ever wonder about PHP?

It’s not something to eat, like Pancakes, Ham and Potatoes, its actually a scripting language.  What is a scripting language you might ask –simply put it’s a programming language that adds automation to certain tasks instead having a person doing them, and it’s a lot faster.

woman cofdingWhy care about a scripting language specifically PHP – because as a website owner or designer it’s good to know these things.

When you look at a website, you expect to see one that is  beautifully designed, with flawless functionally.  You don’t see the code under the design. Underneath it all is a lot of computer commands, embedded code, scripts and so forth that perform something for the website. 

There are many ways to perform all these computer commands, PHP scripting being one of them.


The processes PHP may be running is performed on the originating server known as server-side-scripting. (PHP originally known as Personal Home Page changed to Hypertext Pre Processor.)

Scripting is often used because it:

  1. controls access to proprietary data
  2. maintains control for the source code
  3. is simple to use while offering Advanced tools
  4. it is Open Source and can be used on all major operating systems.

PHP is accessed through a web browser and on the shortlist can be used for:

  1. Creating php elephantWeb Pages
  2. E-commerce
  3. Desktop Applications
  4. Facebook apps
  5. PDFs
  6. Graphs and Charts
  7. Photo Galleries
  8. WordPress Plugin’s

And because PHP is open source there’s tons for free scripts to use. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use PHP, it’s everywhere AND PHP is the core language used in WordPress and that’s why those plugin’s work so well.   

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