How to start your website using Elementor Template Library

Welcome back to our blog about how to customize your Elementor website. Today we are covering using the Elementor template library to start your website.  At Digital Web Leprechauns, we know business owners require a website that tailors specifically to their business. However, it is time consuming and expensive to find the right designer. AND one that fits into your budget:  Instead, consider DWLI DIY.   

Elementor Pro offers a wide range of pre-designed templates to use as a starting point for website design.  To view the available templates first start with a blank page/post and click on the file button

elementor template library

There are three types of templates to choose from blocks, pages and “my templates”.


Blocks can be used in a mix-and-match fashion to tailor your website’s page or post to fit your specific needs.

block library

You can choose blocks from predetermined categories such as:

  • 404 page
  • Archive
  • Call-To-Action
  • Clients
  • FAQ
  • Features
  • Footer
  • Header
  • Hero
  • Portfolio
  • Pricing
  • Product Archive (Available when woocommerce plugin is installed and activated)
  • Services
  • Single page
  • Single Post
  • Stats
  • Subscribe
  • Team
  • Testimonials

All blocks can be edited to fit your website’s design and needs.


pages library

Elementor’s template library also includes predesigned pages. Multiple pages can be added to the site using the same design. This is a simple way to start a website, with little editing required to make the website fit your business.

My Templates

This area is for your own predesigned block or pages where you can create and then save them on the Elementor cloud for reuse on other pages or even other websites.

my templates library

Once you create a section you’d like to add just right click on the blue tab and “save as template”.  Then the template can be inserted again on another page using the “my templates” tab. This is often useful for designers.

Elementor’s template library gives your site great structure to begin with, and can be used as a leaping point to customize your website in a user- friendly way. The template library is great, however, website design does require a lot of time. If you don’t have time to DIY we would love to work with you to design your website.